CEO & Chairperson of iOLa & eFFi Ltd.

Experienced, trustworthy, passionate & fun. These are just a few of the ways colleagues have described Fern. After 7 yrs as a fashion designer and a further 1 yr studying for a Fashion Business Masters degree in Westminster Uni. Fern is now the chief designer, creative director & CEO of iOLa & eFFi Ltd. and Chief of the Morton family, mum to the amazing IOLA (4.5yrs) & EFFI (2.5yrs) and little ENIS (8mths)


Co-Founder & Director - iOLa & eFFi Ltd.

Creative, approachable, driven & hilarious, are the qualities that Owain's colleagues often talk about. Supporting Fern in running the clothing brand with a difference to empower girls, and especially working in Mining and having two daughters to parent, Owain is super-conscious about the bravery gap and messaging / language we are using to speak with girls in the early years.


Virtual Assistant

Keeping the social media channels up to date and vibrant is only part of what Irena has been doing for the iOLa & eFFi Ltd. brand. Keeping up with collaboration strategies, researching articles and blog content as well as proof reading is a major part of making sure our messaging is clear and clean - as the campaign for #CHOOSE2BMORE grows in the way we hope, then this will be supported too.

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